Reflections on a false alarm: Pt II

I began to cry.

The floodgates were released and my emotions started overflowing. I observed this moment objectively right from the beginning - initially feeling somewhat surprised at this sudden phenomena of tears. Simultaneously I felt grateful to have this moment of release at this time - It felt so good to cry, and it was so welcomed. I fully allowed myself to have this experience at this time.

I had a deep cry over the next couple hours, and more accurately, on and off over the next couple days. It felt as though I was crying for so many reasons - amazing true vibrant gratitude to be ALIVE (!), and not only just that, but to be living well. What blessings to have good health and well-being, with an amazing partner and home full of beautiful animals living in harmony, evolving with a conscious community of friends that are all doing deep self-work, together - and having fun doing it, supporting each other, enjoying each other, loving each other. This was a high moment. Looking around and appreciating the amazing beauty and palpable mana / life force of this island - this Earth! Raw. Truly seeing it, feeling it, appreciating it, and loving it as if I was experiencing it for the very first time. 



Another spectrum in the reasoning for this cry was of course the residue and aftershock of the somewhat traumatic experience of 20 minutes preparing for an incoming nuclear missile the previous morning. Having not been able to get in touch with my family to tell them I love them, being a sensitive person and experiencing others around me having a wide range of emotions and actions, or lack thereof, in the wake of the alarm. General confusion and shock. Preparing either for death, or for weeks of struggling to survive in the wake of nuclear fallout without adequate clean food and water with a large group of people, in what could result in serious health complications for the rest of our lives if we were to survive. Being in the school cafeteria feeling into what it is like to just sit and wait for a nuclear missile to hit - having flashes of seeing / feeling the first impact and then the waves of the aftershock - feeling it and experiencing it in my body as I just waited there. Feeling shameful for being a part of this humanity that has allowed moments like this to ever even become a possibility. Feeling deep empathy for those on our planet who experience this type of anticipation of attack, impact, and physical mental and emotional trauma regularly. How do we allow this to happen?

I remember my eyes quickly welling up with tears after having read the emergency ballistic missile alert and looking up at the beautiful palms swaying in the seabreeze, with the warm sun shining, and birds chirping that gorgeous morning. How could we ever allow massive destruction and nuclear contamination in one of the most beautiful, vibrant, sacred, healing places on our planet? How?! The thought of nuclear fallout destroying and contaminating this sacred land and all the beautiful plants, animals, human beings, and the heart of Hawaiian culture all due to the incompetence of the ‘men in charge’ and all of us who allow ignorance to unfold on a daily basis made me feel sick to my stomach. What a huge, devastating and tragic loss for our planet it would truly be.

As I laid there upon the warm sand observing and wholeheartedly experiencing the supreme beauty of the beach, the island, this earth… and in stark contrast, noticing the large and small pieces of plastic everywhere washed up on the beach, I cried deeply for our planet.  How are we allowing this all to happen? More importantly, why are we allowing this all to happen?

I then felt in a very pronounced way how I have been feeling during recent times in general - that we are at a turning point in human and planetary history - plastic has officially been detected within the bodies of sea life (spare none) at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean we have reached:

Our adverse influence on this planet and our own humanity is surfacing at an alarming rate in various manifestations that are truly devastating. Unfortunately, it seems to be becoming normalized which is a dangerous thing. We need more people who care to step up and lead by example. Because ultimately, the 'little,' or better, BIG changes we make in our own lives influence our families, friends, coworkers, the children, our community on a small and large scale... which can lead to a big shift as positive influence becomes adapted to more and more communities. This is the way it needs to happen. It seems the problems on this planet are so vast and overwhelming but we need to be practical and start really caring and acting like we do - because ultimately, we are just guests to this planet and we need to show some respect. Earth outlives us all. This planet... our amazing home, provides us with all the nourishment, tools, wisdom and inspiration we need to exist, survive, and thrive as human beings. May we continually awaken and take better care of her, full circle. We have a choice in every moment.

We can do better!
 We can do better...
 We must do better.


 This is a call to action.

What changes can we make that have a positive overall influence for our communities and planet? What steps can we take to use less plastic? How can we reuse the plastic we do have? What else can we do to honor and respect this amazing Earth? What else can we do to honor and respect the amazing plants? What else can we do to honor and respect the amazing animals? What else can we do to honor and respect our amazing fellow human beings? What else can we do to honor and respect all that is to come? 

Light workers unite 💗

May we all listen closely to discover our true passions and desires, and make time in our lives to allow our gifts to make ourselves and this world a better place. May we support and encourage this in each other. May we stand up for what is right. May we be mindful of our incredible potential to make an impact, and always choose to make the most beneficial impact possible. May we always leave each being, each place, and this Earth, better than we found it.

May we remember.


May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.